Back to Basics: The Bug, the Drug, and You

Before you tackle a problem, you need to understand it. But a 2015 World Health Organization survey confirms something we’ve suspected all along – there’s still way too much confusion out there about what antibiotic resistance actually is. For example, the WHO survey found that “76% [of respondents] think that the statement ‘Antibiotic resistance occurs when your body becomes resistant to antibiotics and they no longer work as well’ is also true, when this is in fact a false statement.”

This two-minute video from Stat News – which they run with most of their antibiotic resistance stories – addresses the above misunderstanding. As they teach you in first year law school, when you approach a problem, always identify who the “actors” are – in this case, the bug, the drug, and you – and what their relationship is to each other. So if you’re in the majority and don’t understand why the above statement from WHO is false, this video should help you.

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