MRSA In The News – Even Bedbugs have MRSA

The most recent news regarding MRSA is that it is now being found in bedbugs. Scientists in Vancouver are now looking at the relationship between there being so many outbreaks of severe bacterial infections and having a lot of bed bug infestations. Could they be connected? It is causing some concern for the urban areas in the U.S where there has been a rise in bedbugs.[1]

Doctors are examining the relationship between the number of infections and the number of bedbug outbreaks. After scientists examined five of the Canadian bedbugs, they have found that three of them are carrying around MRSA and the other two are carrying around vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE) [2], another commonly encountered multidrug-resistant bacteria. 

According to Dr. Marc Romney, “It is not clear whether the bacteria originated with the bedbugs or the bugs picked them up from people who were already infected.” [3] If there continues to be mass infestation and scientists and doctors come to a conclusion that the bedbugs are carrying the bacteria, then health officials will have to start preparing for severe infections that could potentially be life threatening and can spread throughout the country via bedbugs.

Although washing your hands frequently and practicing good hygiene will be useful in the case of preventing MRSA transmission, it may not help as much with the bedbug situation. Experts suggest you buy new furniture and mattresses rather than getting second hand furniture because the bugs are always relocating and reproducing. Refrain from sharing personal items as the bugs can be picked up and carried around doing this.[4]


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